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Small Group Training


Soccer Vision Academy continues to offer small group training to various individuals throughout Northeast Ohio.

Over the past 25 years many players have taken advantage of these sessions and as a result became standout players on their club, high school, ODP state and regional teams as well as their respective college teams.

Small group training continues to be an extremely crucial form of development for many of our academy players. It goes a long way to helping them improve their individual game and their overall standing on their respective teams. The non SVA members who participate in this program get an opportunity to train alongside our club team players.  As they improve they will be given the opportunity to eventually join their age group team and compete in the respective tournaments and league games.

We often hear the term foot-skills. This is a term we try to avoid at SVA. Since foot-skills without the when, where and how to use them doesn't bring much benefit to the player. This remains one of the major differences in what the academy offers to its players during our small group training session. We incorporate what you refer to as foot- skills with the ability to know when, where and how to use the various techniques that are constantly used in the game.

Adult male talking with children with text Small Group Training

We have always been of the mindset that players can gain a lot from extra QUALITY training. As a result, Brandon Morton will be in charge of our SVA individual player small group training program. Brandon has been working with our collegiate players in this setting for over a year. We now see that it's imperative for him to focus on our younger players who can benefit from this type of extra training. This will be for players born in 2013 and before. Anyone who is interested in getting extra training should contact him for all pertinent information.

Brandon can be reached at 330-540-1322 (text messages preferred).